A payment of AUD$24.99 (including GST) will be processed each month.

On the completion of your subscription check-out, an invite and link to the Mobi Safety Rewards App download will be posted to the student email provided.

We recommend that you participate in the App set up, as there is an option to add cars being driven.
Intially this will often be the family car(s) and subsequently the student driver’s own car, or those of siblings. Just follow the tips.

The Supervisor (you), will also receive a subscription confirmation email and a link to the reporting dashboard, where you will be able to review trip summaries, along with driving behaviour breakdowns on a per trip, and on a 14 day and 60 day average safety score basis.
Individual trips can also be ‘replayed’ with instances of events lower than ideal driving behaviour (ie speeding, hard cornering, phone use) identified.
This will provide an overview of where driving habits have improved, or may need additional consideration and discussion.
Our Safety Score aIgorithm will also analyse and provide tips and feedback to the student over time.

You will also have an option to invite a second Supervisor (eg spouse/partner/care-giver) and also a professional driving instructor from any of the listed driving schools (these will increase as we progress. If your preferred driving school is not listed, let us know, via email to info@mobisafetyrewards.com )

You can review and update your subscription at any time from the main menu.

You are taking an important step to assist in lowering the over-representation of our young drivers in our death and injury statistics.
Please consider sharing the program with other parents of novice drivers, via a link to this website https://mobisafetyrewards.com or via our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MobiSafetyRewards @mobisafetyrewards