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Welcome to the Mobi crew.
‘Mobi Safety Rewards’ is a rewards-based road safety initiative designed to encourage safer driving habits in young drivers.

We aim to compliment existing road safety efforts by monitoring and comparing current driving habits against known causes of accidents.
What we measure:

  • Focus – phone use and handling
  • Speed
  • Smooth – Acceleration and braking
  • Turns – Lane changes, turns, roundabouts

All you need to do is drive as normal, bearing basic road safety behaviour in-mind.
The app will do the rest.
Each of the safety components will be rated with a score out of a possible 1000 points per trip, which is then combined into a single safety score.

Each trip will result in a summary that can be viewed by you, your parent/supervisor, or professional instructor (via email invite).
Scores are available by trip, and averaged over 14 and 60 days. You can also make use of our ‘Leader board’ to see how you compare with similar drivers.

The goal is to improve and maintain better driving habits and in turn, significantly reduce the likelihood of being involved in a serious accident.

In return for safer driving, Mobi users are rewarded with access to special offers from partners as well as 3rd party affiliate links.

On-boarding as a Mobi driver is easy.
Just launch the app, login and fill out a short profile of yourself and the car(s) that you may be driving.

It will take a week or two for Mobi to learn your driving style. The app is comparing actual driving input via the sensors available in smartphones.
This is used to generate feed back and tips.

There is also access to useful coaching modules and education resources.

Do keep in mind, that the current law in Australia requires that while driving as a Learner, or ‘P’ plate driver, your phone must be secured, ideally in either the glove, or centre console compartment.
Do not be tempted to make calls, text or handle your phone as there are large fines and loss of demerit points at risk.
It is also a proven major contributor to an increased chance of being involved in an accident.
*Handling your phone while driving will also drastically reduce your Mobi ‘Focus’ score.
*We offer a method that will significantly reduce the opportunity and likelyhood of phone handling and use while driving under the About menu.

Mobi is not ‘big brother’. We are simply here to guide and provide a nudge here and there, if needed.
So let’s get set up. Just scroll down for information and screen shots.

Mobi onboarding profile


On your first visit to the Mobi app you will be asked confirm location settings, create a driver profile for yourself and the car(s) you may be driving.
Car details can be updated at any time.
Just follow the tips.

Note that there is an option to save on mobile data charges by choosing whether to upload data via mobile. Leaving the option deselected only uploads trip info when you connect to wi-fi.

Scroll down for info about the app home screen…

Mobi home page - Safety score

Mobi home - Safety score summary

When you launch the Mobi app, you will see your current average safety score at the top, with each category: Focused, Speed, Smooth and Turns, summarised below.
Initially it will take a few days to gather some driving data

From each of these categories, you can click to drill down for more detailed information.

If you scroll down on any of these pages you will find links to more information on how you can improve on a given score and relevant tips.

Scroll down for a detail example in this case, clicking on the ‘Focused’ icon which relates to phone use and handling…


Drill down for details and tips - Focused

Drill down for details and tips

From the Home safety score screen, you can drill down for more details and links to tips and feedback.

Scroll down again to see an example of the tips for ‘Focused’ driving. These brief items work to reinforce why attention to road safety detail is important…It really does assist to prevent accidents.

Road Safety NSW used car safety ratings

Related links to tips and feedback

Flowing on from the previous screen, related tips and feeback are provided for each of the safety catagories.

In this case ‘Focused’ which deals with mobile phone use and handling, which is not permitted for Learner and ‘P’ plate drivers.

Next, we will look at trip summaries…

Mobi Trip Details Summary

Trip summaries

Trip summaries are the building blocks of your safety score. They are an opportunity to review and break down the individual safety elements and useful in  comparing and improving on routes that are taken regularly.
The more your drive, the more accurate your score becomes.

They are also useful as a communication tool between Learner Supervisors (ie Parents, care-givers) or professional Instructors, who may be invited to have access to your safety score summaries. They help to identify both strong points in your driving skills and items that my require a bit more attention.

Now, let’s take it to the next level.
At the top right of the trip summaries screen, you will see a link marked as ‘Events’

Let’s check it out and see where we are not quite meeting optimal driving habits.
Please scroll down again…

Mobi Trip Events

Trip events

Trip events are recorded when driving behaviour is less than ideal.
For example:

  • Over the posted speed limit,
  • Hard acceleration, braking, turning
  • Focus – phone handling, texting, or calling

Equally, Mobi lets you know via a good score, when you at your best, or improving.

Again, there is a direct link to related tips and information.

Each event during a given trip is marked on the map, as type and duraction. A series of information cards are available by swiping cards to the left or right throughout journey.

The ‘Events’ feature is used for your information and as an aid to Learner driving and ‘P’ plate driving education and guidance.

Eventually, a good safety score may provide opportunities for a reduction in insurance premiums and other benefits. This is known as user based insurance or UBI and is bcoming popular in Europe and the US. We believe that Australia will follow that trend.
If so, it will create an opportunity for your safety score to be a basis of lower insurance premium calculations.

Next we will take a look at our coaching module…

Mobi Coaching Experiments

Coaching module

 Mobi provides a coaching module, which provides a series of road safety experiments to self-test in a range of scenarios.

The coaching module will appear as a link at the bottom of the app screen after 20 trips.
This gives the app time to analyse your driving style.

This will expand significantly over time as, new content is created.

The next slide shows an experiment example of how speeding does not get you to your destination much quicker…

Mobi Speed Experiment

Coaching experiment - Speeding

We are sometimes inclined to drive over the posted speed limit, because we are running late, or many variations of that theme – or just because of it becoming a driving habit.

Either way, as little as 10kph over the limit icreases the distance it takes to stop, or react to unexpected events, the actions of another drivers, or a sudden change in road quality or conditions.

This experiment shows just how little time you save by speeding.

To summarise, Mobi is a tool that can assist you to be a safer driver and will provide rewards for making that little extra effort.

We want you to be a proud to be part of the Mobi crew.

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