Education remains at the forefront of road safety.
Mobi aims to complement existing and future education channels, so that it becomes part of a  tool-set, not a competitor or an alternate.
We will always strive to attain the goal of best available practice, and seek to engage with relevant government, institutional research and acknowledged expert sources.

This section presents useful information that directly relates to the objectives of Mobi and underpins why you should consider the app as a component of a  road-safety strategy for your young driver.
There are useful tools, access to volumes of supporting statistics and links to educational and training organisations.
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Road safety education - RYDA

Road Safety Education - RYDA

“Road Safety Education Limited (RSE) is a not for profit organisation committed to providing evidence-based road safety education that supports the development of a road safety culture across the generations.

At the heart of our programs lies RYDA – a school partnership which supports teachers on the journey as they provide their students with the tools and understanding they need to see themselves as active, responsible road citizens. RYDA features a highly engaging and memorable one-day workshop which front-loads students’ understanding of road safety and gives them the tools, habits and motivation to take action and stay safe on our roads a both drivers and passengers throughout their lives.”

Visit RSE – RYDA



RYDA Student resources

Learner driver resources - RYDA

The RYDA workshop provides a lot of information across a range of subjects covered in the six sessions. It can be hard to remember all the details of each session and so these resources can help refresh your memory.

Games, Quizzes & Simulators – along with tips and tools

Visit RSE – RYDA



Global Youth Coalition

Global youth coalition for Road Safety

What is the Youth Coalition For Road Safety?

We are passionate young people from across the world taking action on safer mobility and championing meaningful youth participation in road safety and beyond. We operate from a set of principles that define and guide our work, globally and locally.

We offer you resources, skills, partnerships and opportunities to take your ideas to the next level and maximize their impact. We believe that global and local action is needed to make the world’s roads safer for everyone and connect it to key related topics such as health, sustainable cities, climate change, education, poverty and equality. Join Us! #ClaimingOurSpace

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Learn about road safety!

MAY 2022 – Youth for Road Safety (YOURS), has officially launched its newest interactive learning platform, the YOURS Academy. The Academy is the definitive online road safety learning school where youth can learn about the global road safety crisis. It takes all the best practices from YOURS’ award-winning in-person trainings and turns them into a self-paced learning experience that young people can access anytime, anywhere.

YOURS online Academy





Road deaths Australia 12 months to DEC 20.

Road fatality statistics

This linked interactive map performs the unhappy task of reporting road deaths in Australia by month, year to date or calendar year.

The reason that it has been included, is to demonstrate why Mobi has been created. The circle graph shows a break-down of deaths by age group. The dark blue segment, represents drivers aged 17-25, in this example for 12 months to December 2020, that represent  just under 20% of all fatalities (208 young people). (The percentage for accidents resulting in hospitalisation is much higher.
In fact, *approximately 40,000 people are involved in serious accidents across Australia each year that require hospitalisation.
If we apply the 20% average, that equates to 8,000 17-25 year olds).
Other than a slight reduction during COVID lock downs, the percentage outcome is quite consistent. This has been ongoing for decades, and to a great extent, it is an unnecessary tragedy that we can work to address.
Many dozens of young people that had their world ahead of them, are no longer with us.
*accurate numbers for hospitalisation are more difficult to define due to inconsistencies in reporting admissions.

Road deaths in Australia – Interactive



myNRMA Free2Go

NRMA Free2Go Roadside assistance

Free2go is free for the first two years for 16-year-olds, while drivers 17 to 20 get one year free.
Free2go gets young drivers off to a good start. Unlike usual roadside assistance Free2Go offers personal cover, so no matter who’s driving, your child will never be stranded.

Plus with NRMA Blue, they have access to a range of benefits and discounts including Caltex discounts (5c per litre on premium fuels and 3c per litre on regular fuel), 5% off Wish gift cards, 10% off NRMA driving lessons, 15% off at Thrifty car rental. If you are an NRMA Member you can also save on insurance as Free2go counts towards your Policy Count.

“I love the security of the roadside service, it gives me constant peace of mind when I leave my home

Sarah, Northmead”

Visit NRMA Free2Go!



Keys2drive is a revolutionary approach to learning road safety and the free driving lesson is an opportunity for the learner driver, driving instructor and parent/supervisor to learn it together. (click the image to play).

“The Keys2drive free lesson is not intended to replace normal driving lessons rather, it should complement them by empowering learner drivers to ‘Find Their Own Way’ to becoming safer drivers.
Learner drivers will receive training in the best ways to practice, helping them gain the confidence they need to prepare for safe P plate driving and beyond.”

Keys2Drive is a joint initiative of the Australian Automotive Association (AAA) and funded by the Australian Government.

Learn more about Keys2Drive



Keys2Drive - Ten years on

Keys2Drive - Ten years on

This report was commissioned to find out whether the 10-year-old Keys2drive program is still best practice, and whether the program contributes to the safety of novice drivers.”

My name is Mark Johnson and I am a co-founder of Mobi Safety Rewards.
I am the father of three young adult girls, who are within this driver demographic (16-25) and have each been through the Keys2Drive program.
At some point I stumbled across this linked report.

The opening section touches on some significant related findings and statistics.
(I have highlighted some of these. )
I was very concerned and surprised at the reported sudden magnitude of increase in deaths and trauma on the transition from Learner to Provisional status being 20-30x. That is a BIG increase.

It hit home to me, that there is a problem that needs solving. Unfortunately, education alone is not working.
There is no single solution, but we believe that Mobi might contribute to a reduction in the statistics, by extending supervision and feedback into the provisional licence phase.
This is the WHY of the Mobi project.

Download: Keys2Drive – Ten years on




DriveSmart helps you to become a better, safer driver as you gain experience on the road and prepare to get your licence.
This interactive program takes you through a range of driving scenarios and quizzes, where you need to make safe driving judgments.
It will also help improve your hazard perception, scanning and concentration skills. It’s the perfect digital partner to the real-world experience you get during your on-road driving practice.
The program has a very good module for Supervisors also.
DriveSmart is a joint initiative of TAC and the Victorian Government.
Highly recommended.

Visit “DriveSmart”



VicRoads Hazard perception practice test

VicRoads Hazard perception practice

VicRoads provides a very good series of videos to provide for Hazard perception practice testing.
Learner drivers must pass this test to be eligible to attempt take their Provisional (P plate) test.

The format varies by state, these are of very good photo-realistic quality.
The image provided is a screen-shot only.
You will need to follow the link below to attempt the series…
Go on, I know you want to.

Best experienced on a notebook or desktop.

Visit Hazard perception practice
Going Solo* Monash University

Going Solo

“Going Solo – a resource for parents of P-plate drivers”, has been produced by the Monash University Accident Research Centre (MUARC).
It presents key issues, statistics and tips to guide parents or care-givers of young drivers transitioning through the ‘Graduated Licence System’, from the Learner permit phase to the Provision ‘P’ plate phases (P1 and P2).
It also includes a useful “Vehicle Access Agreement” which is the basis for a formal agreement designed for parents and P plate drivers. Worth saving or printing.
The document notes that: “It is a great idea to set up a Vehicle Access Agreement because
this clearly sets out the roles of parents and P-plate drivers when
it comes to either:
a) Borrowing the family car, or
b) The P-plate driver driving his/her own car for the first 12-months”

Download “Going Solo”



RACQ - Drive in the moment

RACQ - Drive in the moment

Mobile phones are a major distraction
The temptation to hold, touch, look and use our phones while driving is real.

If you’ve tried to reduce your use and it hasn’t worked … you’re not alone. We know bad habits are hard to break, and that is why we created this resource.

Our research-based approach is designed to help you train your brain to break the habit for good.


Visit “Drive in the moment



You Choose - Road Safety

You Choose Youth Road Safety

This impactful video tells the story of a young man, Jordan McGuiness, who made some poor decisions after a work Christmas party on the Gold Coast on the 8th of December 2012. He was just 18 at the time.
On that night, he caused an accident on the M1 just north of ‘Dream World’ that killed four young people and himself.
It brings home the harsh reality of the huge impact that such an incident has.
Jordan’s mum, Melissa and her partner, Peter recount the horror story that unfolded across multiple families.

Melissa now presents this story to young drivers at schools around Australia, promoting their “You Choose Youth Road Safety” program.
Find out more at:

You Choose Youth Road Safety


Road Safety NSW used car safety ratings

Used Car Safety Ratings 2020

 While taking budget constraints into account, vehicle selection for a novice driver is an important part of the road safety equation.
Even among later model cars, safety ratings vary to a surprising extent.

“The safety ratings in this brochure focus on used vehicles and have been determined through the independent analysis of the latest real-world crash statistics. They provide an indication of the relative protection from death or serious injury provided to the driver of the vehicle in a crash compared with other vehicles on the road through the publication of a Driver Protection rating.”

Consider downloading or printing the PDF document compiled by NSW Road Safety for future reference.

Download Used Car Safety Ratings 2020





Australian Road Safety Foundation - RoadSet

“RoadSet is an innovative Ed-tech tool aimed at Year 9 students. It features ten memorable and engaging modules covering road safety issues relating to pedestrians, passengers, cyclists, skateboard and scooter riders and ultimately becoming a safe driver. The FREE road safety modules in RoadSet aim to support the quality teaching and learning of road safety in school and community road safety education programs. They can be easily accessed on computers, smartphones and tablets.”
(click the image to play).

“RoadSet Information Sessions are held each Tuesday 10am and Thursday 4pm.
These 30-minute sessions are facilitated using Zoom at Brisbane Local Time.
To reserve your place or to arrange a booking for an alternate time”

Visit ARSF  – RoadSet


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